My First You Tube Video!

Well peeps I promised in my newsletter yesterday that I would be posting short tutorial videos to You Tube and last night I finally did it.  I uploaded my first video. WooHoo!

I am so excited!  I know that the quality of this video and likely the next few videos I do will not be the best but it is a learning curve and I will grow and do better as I learn more.  I would love to have you view my video and subscribe to my You Tube Channel.

Please bear with me as I learn and grow.  I greatly appreciate all of your support.

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  1. AAaaaaaahhh! This is SO awesome! Now, whenever I’m missing you, I can just watch your videos!! Hee!! What a fantastic first tutorial – great job! You were really clear and direct with your directions and I liked how you had everything set and ready to go. It made watching interesting the whole time. The only thing that would be more helpful is if you could zoom in a bit more – I couldn’t really see where/how you added your glue and I couldn’t see the difference in detail between the scalloped edge flower and the one made from a plain circle. Other than that, it was an awesome tutorial! Really, your dialogue and instructions were perfect! I loved watching and I can’t wait to see what you do next!

    • Thanks Angela. Constructive criticism is great. I was telling Chris that I need to be closer so people can see things better. We are discussing how to rig the camera so it is directly overhead. 🙂

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