Tag It Bundles and a Madden update

So the past few weeks have been a bit hectic.  Two weeks ago our boy Madden had to be rushed to the University Vet Hospital for emergency surgery.  His stomach twisted/ flipped suddenly in the middle of the night.  He has been on complete rest (only 5 minute walks) while he heals.  I realize he is already getting up there in age for a Great Dane and the operation is costly but I just had to do everything possible to save him.  He is such a kind and gentle soul and although fragile his whole life he showed a strength inside him that told me he was a fighter!  The hospital had said he was stoic when we arrived there with him because he was still standing (I thank the Lord for this as I would have struggled to lift and move a 150lb dog on my own). He has had his moments over the past few weeks but overall he has been happy and appears to be healing well.  Soon they will be removing his staples.   I am sure it is bugging Karma that she is not allowed to jump all over and play fight with him but considering she weighs between 165 – 170lbs she would seriously hurt him!  I must say though that our little Karmy-Tank has been quite well behaved all things considering.  I know many of you are friends with me on Facebook as well and saw my posts about him.  I thank you all for your prayers for him, I truly believe they helped.

Enough about my babies, you are here to see what is new and happening on the Stampin’ Up! front!  You may have noticed the handy Tag It bundle in the Holiday Catalogue and now Stampin’ Up! has released an extra large bundle.


The two Tag It bundles include the tags, ribbon, and boxes that will help you make your own pretty packages.







Holiday Tag It Decorative Box Bundle


  • Stamp a Tag Kit
  • Cherry Cobbler 1″ Stitched Edge Grosgrain Ribbon (10 yards)
  • Decorative Window Gift Boxes (6 boxes)


Holiday Tag It Extra-Large Box Bundle


  • Stamp a Tag Kit
  • Cherry Cobbler 1″ Stitched Edge Grosgrain Ribbon (10 yards)
  • Extra-Large Gift Boxes (3 boxes)

Click on the image above for more details.

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