Stampin’ Basics 101 – Sponges

I have been stamping for 13 years and I am the first to admit that I forget not everyone is familiar with all the products and how they work.  Don’t get me wrong, I am constantly learning new and sometimes simple things but that doesn’t excuse me from ensuring novice stampers understand basic elements of stamping.  I remember demonstrating a workshop for a group of women, where the hostess was a former demo, and collecting my belongings at the end of the night only to find nearly all my SNAIL adhesives in the garbage.  I ignorantly assumed that these women knew that you keep the cartridge and simply buy the refill for them.  I was completely surprised me when they said they didn’t know this! I learned then that I need to make a more conscious effort to go over the basics with my stampers, something I need to remind myself of on a regular basis.

That moment has always stuck in my mind and I decided that it is time that I attempt to create a video line focusing on Stampin’ Basics.

Here is a link to my very first Stampin’ Basics 101 video.

I have another one created that I need to edit and plan to release in the next couple weeks for adhesives.

Is there any topic that you would like to see me cover in my Stampin’ Basics 101 videos? Please let me know!




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