Paper Pumpkin – Madness Sale!

Before I delve into the insane Paper Pumpkin news to share with you I need to keep my promise from yesterday.  (scroll down to see yesterday’s post if you missed it)  While there are numerous colour combinations that can be used to 3 step stamp the sweet bear in the Baby Bear stamp set, this colour combination works really well.

3 step stamping


You can see how each step looks different and how the completed image pulls all the finer details together.  You stamp the most full image (but not much detail) using your lightest ink colour.  Next you stamp the second most full image (with a bit more detail) over top using a darker ink contrasting ink colour. For the bear image, I line up the blank spaces between the arms and body first over the previous stamped image, then rotate the stamp as needed to line up the head/ feet.  Finally, you complete the process by stamping your third, most detailed image using your darkest contrasting ink colour.

Stamped separately these images don’t provide much impact, yet you can see once the 3 steps are completed, the bear looks so real!

Now on to the exciting Paper Pumpkin Madness to share with you!


Stampin’ Up! has announced that for just under 31 hours they will be having a Paper Pumpkin sale for first time subscribers!  Sign up for Paper Pumpkin between 5pm MT Thursday June 9th and 11:50pm MT on Friday  June 10th and you pay just $7.00 CAD for your first month!  Seriously!  If I wasn’t already a subscriber, I would be all over this!



In addition to Stampin’ Up!’s madness,  you will qualify for my own promotion as well!  Sign up as a Paper Pumpkin subscriber through me by this Friday June 10th and you will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a one month pre-paid subscription FREE!

To subscribe to Paper Pumpkin through me click HERE!


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