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I love my lunch breaks at work.  I get an hour so this gives me time to accomplish some things.  Although I do sometimes take stamping projects with me to work on, I like to use this time to indulge in one of my other hobbies…. crocheting!  My mother taught me at a very young age how to crochet (and knit but I prefer crocheting).

For 20 years I have made the same baby blanket time and time again with a few other projects in between such as baby jackets.  I decided to broaden my horizons and start making other things.  I came across a pattern for an owl hat which I made and have pictures of but they are on my phone and I have yet to figure out how to get them onto my computer so instead I’ll share one of the other cute designs I came across.

I do struggle with understanding some peoples patterns and truly believe that people forget to write everything on their patterns so needless to say I find I am constantly tweeking patterns to suit what I feel it should be.  I did slightly tweek the pattern for the point on this hat as I didn’t understand what the woman was saying and needless to say the peek isn’t as pointy as I would like it to be.  Since then the woman has clarified what she means so I will have to try this pattern again.

In person, you would not believe how tiny the smaller of the two hats is.  I honestly don’t think it would even fit a preemie but a woman at my church believes it might.  The women at church knit hats and donate them to the Guelph hospital for newborns and preemies.  I thought it would be a good idea to donate these hats.  I just hope the yarn is soft enough for them

I know this had nothing to do with stamping but I just had to share.

Thanks for popping by and check back tomorrow for another great paper project.

Happy Stamping!

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  1. Super cute!! I’ve got a couple little hats I’m hoping to hook up for baby – now just to find the time!! I LOVE the idea of giving these to the hospital – such a fun and special way you can bless others. What a great way to use your lunch break. Thanks for being such an inspiration! xo

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