New Digital Downloads

Wowser, last night was…..intense.  I woke up at midnight to the rain pouring and lightening beginning to flash, then the winds picked up and we were in the middle of a seriously nasty storm.  Talk about hustling to close all the windows.  It was so bad that we gathered everyone together and moved to the basement to wait it out.  I cannot say I have ever seen a storm like that in my life.  We seriously thought we were going to be hit by another tornado but thankfully God spared us.

Well, Tuesday has passed and that means there are some super new digital downloads available for My Digital Studio.  There are lots of new (and gorgeous) designer papers now available to purchase such as those shown in the photo below.

To view all the new downloads check out the PDF HERE!

To order digital downloads visit my store HERE!

Hope everyone has a great day and enjoys the sunshine!

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  1. I know what you mean about the storm. I never am bothered by thunderstorms, but there was something unsettling about it last night ~ I was considering taking everyone down to the basement. Funny enough, the boys slept through it, and the dogs didn’t seem bothered either.

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