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Well after a VERY rough night last night I believe today will be better.  Just let me rant a minute before I continue on to the good stuff.  Last night I realized my phone was missing. So I called and suspended the account.  Unfortunately this means my customers will not be able to contact me via phone until I can get a new one. When I realized I lost it, I decided I would take a quick drive over to the grocery store to see if I could find it, and if not I would just check at the police station to see if someone had turned it in.  Thursday really is not a good night for me to leave the house as I need to care for Chris but I thought, “hey, it’ll only take 15 minutes”

Off I went down the road in my car. I drove through a huge puddle which I thought odd as it hadn’t yet rained and continued on to the grocery store.  As I didn’t see it in the parking lot I continued on to the police station and after speaking with dispatch, returned to my car only to realize that the urine smell I had noticed in the car on my drive was not in my car from a potential accident by the pup, but rather covering the outside of my vehicle.  This is when I realized that the “puddle of water” I drove through was not water, but rather urine.  I got in the car realizing I needed to get the car to a car wash asap so as not to allow the urine to cause damage to the paint and rubber on the car, only to have the car not start. Dead, it was completely dead!  While having 45 minutes to wait for help from my brother and dad, I had time to think why the heck there would be a huge puddle of urine on the road.  And that’s when it hit me!  The RV I saw flying by our home wasn’t someone getting it out of storage for the summer but rather some complete ignoramous who was too lazy to empty out their urine tank in an appropriate and legal location.

Needless to say my “adventure” began at 8:30pm and didn’t end until we finally got my car running long enough to get me home just after 11pm.  Poor Chris!  I had to call my daughter and have her go home to care for Chris while I was stuck in town.

So much for getting ready for my Open House tonight.  Hopefully my daughter will be able to get lots done for me today while I’m working and that things will run great tonight and tomorrow.

There you have my rant for the day and now on to absolutely fantastic stamping news!

Today is the release of the new Stampin’ Up! Annual Catalogue!  Beginning at 2pm today you will be able to place orders through my On-Line store – woo hoo!

But that’s not all the great news, check out the fabulous promotions listed below:

During the months of June and July, hostesses who hold a minimum $575.00 workshop will receive an additional $60.00 in FREE merchandise – that is in addition to the $90.00 they already receive for this sales level.

This means you will receive $150.00 in free merchandise.  WOW!

Please remember that workshop sales do not include shipping/ handling or tax.

If you would like the opportunity to receive this great bonus, please contact me today to book your workshop!

During the month of June new recruits get an incredible deal!  Not only will new recruits be able to select $155.00 worth of stamping products to build their customized starter kit for $125.00 but they will also receive select new products from the Patio Party Suite valued up to $60.00.  Not that is a seriously wicked deal.  If you have been thinking of becoming a demonstrator, whether it be to receive a 20% discount on your orders or to earn some extra cash, now is a great time to join.  I would love to have you on my team!  Contact me today to learn more!

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