Jar of Haunts – Pumpkin and Eyeball treats!

A little update on Madden.  He appears to be doing quite well.  He has an appetite like you wouldn’t believe but I guess I can’t blame him, considering he ate two meals in 5 1/2 days!  Something that I seem to be noticing, is that he has a desire to spend all his time outside and just enjoy nature and the other, is a stubborn streak.  Karma (our female Great Dane) is quite a bossy/ pushy little thing and likes to take Madden’s bed when he gets off it for any reason.  Normally when she does this, Madden will  just go and lay on her bed. Well…..!   Since he came home Friday night, I have noticed that if she takes his bed, he will stand beside it until she gets off or we get her off for him!  I guess he has decided that he has earned his right to have what’s his in life and he’s not going to back down anymore! LOL It is quite amusing to say the least!

So I have been working on some new videos to share projects and tips with you and I created some cute treat bags featuring the Jar of Haunts stamp set.


If you are looking to create some treats to hand out at Halloween or for your kids to give fellow classmates, these are quick and easy!  I made ones with pumpkin chocolates to match the pumpkin jars and I made some with eyeball chocolates to match the eyeballs in a jar.

eyeball-treat-1 treat packaging to share featuring the Jar of Haunts and Ghoulish Grunge later on!

Check out my video for more information on making some creepy and cute treats!


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