In Loving Memory of Madden – May 2, 2007 – October 2, 2016

Our sweet Madden passed away Sunday evening, being taken into God’s loving arms.  He had been recovering well from his surgery the week prior and gave no indication of any trouble until Sunday late afternoon.  We lost him in a matter of hours.


Madden came to us at 2-1/2 years old, gaunt, scared and broken.  We thought God had sent him to us so we could save him. We came to understand through time that we were wrong, God sent him to save us!  Madden came to us when our hearts were broken from the loss of Titan.  Chris was struggling from his recent car accident, physically and mentally, and the depression almost unbearable at times… Madden  comforted him when he needed comfort the most.  He lay by Chris’ side and was a quiet support.


Madden had the kindest, quietest, most gentle soul.  We never believed he would live as long as he did from all that he had been through, especially from the time before he came to us.  We gave him as much love as we possibly could, because in our hearts we felt that love would keep him going the longest….. and it did!


Madden had major surgery October 2013 when his stomach flipped.  We were told not to get our hopes up that he would survive.  He was, as the hospital said, already quite old for a Dane.  We told Madden that we would keep fighting for him and we hoped he would fight to live as well.  He did and was allowed to come home to us the very next day.  Madden was a true fighter!


After this surgery his personality and character changed.  Madden became more outgoing and showed us he had a funny side, that he wanted to enjoy life to the fullest.  He began to eat better than he ever had in the past.  He became so brave and confident, that one day he walked up to us while we were sitting on the couch enjoying pie and ice cream, and began licking the ice cream from the bowl.  That small action took us completely by surprise. It was like he was finally living the puppyhood years he never truly had, being bold and mischievous.


Madden liked a balance of solitude and family time.  He had a comfy bed but we would also make sure he had a blanket or housecoat on when it was cool in the  house.  He loved to bury his head under the cover and pretend that no one could see him.  If he had no blanket on, he would use his legs to cover his face.


Madden knew how to communicate.  He spoke volumes with his body language.  Clipping his nails would provide a few hours of pouting from him, where he wouldn’t talk to us.  You could offer him treats and he would simply turn his nose up at you and look the other way.  He knew how to make you feel bad for hurting his feelings or for going out for a day but always forgave us!


Karma played a major role in Madden’s life as well.  She arrived in our home at 8 weeks old in May 2012.  We made sure that Madden knew he was not being replaced and that Karma was there for his benefit.  He fell in love with her instantly, watching over her and caring for her.


Karma kept Madden on his toes and loved to play fight with him.  His line of defense was to lay down and “ground fight” her while she stood over him.  She never quite knew how to continue her attack when he did this.  When she would finally give up, she would lay with him, often with their heads touching.  They loved each other so much.


Karma is a tank and knows how to throw her backside weight at you.  She could easily knock us over.  While standing at the door, waiting to go on their daily walks, she would prance in anticipation and poor Madden’s face would be on the receiving end of her behind.


Madden took everything Karma did in stride, he was so easy going and simply adored her.  Madden was a natural caregiver in our home and took his role seriously.  You could always tell when he liked someone because he would back up to them.  Giving you his behind was his way of saying, “hey, you’re alright in my books.”


Madden will hold a special place in our hearts forever.  He learned what love is and he gave us unconditional love in return.  We are forever grateful that Madden came into our lives.  We were truly blessed by his presence! Rest in peace our sweet boy.  We love you!


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  1. Margaret, I had to stop reading for a moment….my eyes are flooded. I am so sorry for your loss. For you and I it’s like loosing a child. Love you.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to an amazing soul. He was such a gentle giant, no Stampin’ Up visit to your house was complete without a chance to say hello to Madden. How is Karma handling it?

    • He acted like he hated people coming over but I think secretly, he liked it. Karma is quiet. I brought his collar in yesterday and she was excited to hear it until she realized he wasn’t attached to it. I think she realized in that moment that he wasn’t with us anymore. We are trying to give her as much love as possible so she doesn’t hurt so much.

  3. Awwww Margaret and Chris, my heart is breaking for you all….. Madden was my buddy and I couldn’t help but fall in love with him the min i met him…
    I so cherish the times i would come over, find Madden and the visit wasn’t complete until he backed up on my lap and/or i would be on the floor saying my hellos to my wonderful friend.
    Our human visit couldn’t start until i had my time with Madden.
    Love Karma with all your might as she feels as much loss as you all do…. sending you love and hugs xoxo

    • :'( Thank you so much Kathy. He did love you so! You never let him intimidate you and you showered him in love the first moment you ever saw him. I think that was one of the things that made you two bond so quickly. Thank you for being a part of his journey with us.

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