Dog Show – Winner!

What can I say, other than that the past 4 weeks have been completely insane!  When not at my full time job, I have been working with our nearly 11 month old puppy to train him for a dog show.

I have learned that dogs typically start training right as a young puppy but since we originally did not intend to show Gatland, we didn’t work on it.  He was our baby and was raised in what the show world calls, “a show home”.  

Our breeder gave us a crash course on how to stack him, get him to move in a nice gait around the ring and do a straight back and forth.  I worked with him for two weeks and then we went back again so she could handle him and get him used to her, as well as check on my own progress for working with him to ensure I knew what I was doing in the chance I had to handle him in the ring.

This past weekend was the 3 day show and we were all surprised.  Gatland exceeded our expectations and made us all super proud.  We wanted to expose him to the show environment and simply hoped that he wouldn’t have a complete meltdown with the judges. 

Well, on Friday not only did he NOT meltdown, but he ended up winning his class, and won Best Puppy in Breed, Best Puppy in Group and Best of Winners. In just one day he earned 4 points towards his Canadian Championship.  Incredible ūüôā

Saturday he earned some first place finishes and a reserve winners.  The judge was kind enough to give our breeder feedback as to why he didn’t win.  He said that he wanted to pick him as a winner but due to Gatland being so distracted, he simply couldn’t.  Therefore he received the reserve winners instead.  We were thrilled and found this fair.

Sunday he he was tired yet he earned first in his class.

Gatland was completely exhausted by Sunday but being his first show and not used to the craziness, we understood.

We are looking forward to Gatland eventually earning his Canadian Championship and in the future his American Championship as well.

I’m sure you may know what I need to do now with all these ribbons….. Create a shadow box for his first shows!  


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